The Journal Vol 4. Chapter 1
The Journal Vol 4. Chapter 1

About the Journal Volume 4

In the Investment Institute Journal 4, we examine the theme of ‘Resilience in the Age of Uncertainty’. Global investors and corporate leaders face a challenging future in a low-growth, low-return world with increasing pressure to address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. As investors, we have the ability to look through the noise and put capital to work to generate both long-term returns and a more sustainable future for generations to come. The Journal draws on our capabilities as an asset manager, the experience of investors and the analysis of leading economists and policy experts to help our clients plot a course through this challenging and rapidly developing economic environment.

Chapter 1 focuses on the definition of resilience and the actions required to build portfolios in these challenging environments. Chapter 2 explores the changing trade dynamics shaping the global economy and its implications on long-term investing. In Chapter 3, we continue with our theme of building resilient portfolios. Notwithstanding the significant disruptions taking place in our immediate political and investment landscape; we discuss the importance, now more than ever, of adopting a long-term mind set for both investment and sustainability practices.

Resilience in an age of uncertainty

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